Blocks Centers Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a child-focused child care program in a professional and caring environment.

Our Philosophy:
We believe a child's first learning experiences occur step by step, block upon block, creating the foundation in their early years for all future learning. We also believe a patient, caring, and educated staff should provide the guidance and assistance that young children need in order to thrive and learn.

Our program is based on these building blocks and concepts:

  • Basic / Fundamental quality childcare: Our caregivers are professionally trained to provide a safe environment and age-appropriate educational activities.
  • Love: Our staff is committed to creating a loving and caring environment where children know they are valued.
  • Opportunities: Our staff will provide the children with endless opportunities to create, play, problem solve, explore, and develop critical thinking skills to assist in the learning process.
  • Creativity: The children will be encouraged, with staff assistance, to be creative in play, learning activities and social experiences.
  • Kindness: Each staff person and child is treated with dignity and respect through kind and caring behavior.
  • Stimulating: Our staff is committed to provide stimulating and challenging learning activities and experiences that are creative and fun.


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