Our goal is to provide a child-focused child care program in a professional and caring environment.

Blocks only serves organic milk, organic catered lunches, whole grain bread and cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits for snacks. We are a peanut free school and we eliminate sugary items from our menu choices. Juice is not served to children under the ages of 2 years old and is considered an optional drink here at Blocks Childcare Centers.

We serve a nutritious breakfast, scheduled from 7:45am until 8:30am for our toddlers to school age. Mid morning drink (water) served at 10:00am. Lunch begins promptly at 11:15am. A mid afternoon snack is served at 3:00pm and we also provide a late afternoon snack at 5:30pm. All meal schedules apply only to our older groups of toddlers to school age. Infants are on individual schedules based on their needs.

Our weekly lunch menu that helps expose our children to new tastes, textures, and food choices on a routine basis in order to develop a wide range of variety in their food exposure repertoire.


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